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Infalable Rules of Cleaning

Contrary to the marketing of national companies, granular dirt in your carpet (94% is not distinguishable with the human eye) is very difficult to remove. So much so that it often takes commercial vacuums and pile lifters to lift to separate the fibers, very high solution heat, aggressive agitation, rinsing with lots of water and the very best equipment available to leave your carpets very clean nearly dry. This is definitely not a home owners project.

INFALABLE RULES DO NOT CHANGE! Ignoring any one of these and the customer loses.

You must use high heat in the rinsing process.(200-230degrees except for wools and some delicate fabrics). Without heat, it is very difficult and if not impossible to clean and you have to increase the amount and alkinity of the pre-sprays and detergents for a visible difference. This is a very bad idea.

Whatever you put down must be taken back up including pre-sprays. The stronger the pre-stray, the more difficult if not impossible it is to remove.

Many production cleaners use high alkaline pre-sprays and detergents thorough their trucks for fast results. Their pricing requires a need for speed. When finished, your carpets have been very compromised and will need to be cleaned much sooner then later. Also, companies advertizing Soap free cleaning are misleading the consumer. Professional cleaners have always cleaned with detergents, not soap, big difference.

Contrary to false marketing, lots of water is needed not less. Low moisture cleaning is like washing a load of towels with a gallon of water. Impossible!

Without high solution pressure(350 psi) more rinsing solution is needed to thoroughly rinse out and neutralize your carpets. Without excellent vacuum, more solution and rinsing agents are left in the carpet which translates to wet carpets. High efficiency equipment is a must.

You must aggressively move the yarns in the cleaning process. If you can’t move the yarns, you can’t clean the carpet. It’s like cleaning clothes in a washer without the agitator. Clothes do not come clean. The cleaning wand is very ineffective tool for many fibers. For this reason I exclusively use rotary extractors because it delivers! This process requires more time but a real benefit to the customer.

Most importantly, it takes experience, knowledge and commitment to clean a carpet the right way. If you truly desire clean carpets, then call Karl. You will love the results.

Estimating the cost of cleaning and what to expect in the cleaning process.

I will only give an estimate for cleaning where the square footage is 500sqft or less and contingent upon prior inspection to cleaning for two reasons.

Unless I am dealing with areas less then to be cleaned (less than 500 sq. ft. ) I prefer an onsite inspection. This is to the benefit of the home owner as will as myself.

What to expect when I am invited to give an estimate for cleaning:

What to expect when I am setting up and the process of cleaning for our most popular package: