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Columbia Cleaning Systems Testimonials

5 starThanks for the wonderful job at our home! I really appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. We’re deligted. God Bless! Jim and Paula!

5 starThank you so much for the excellent carpet cleaning job we received through the benefit auction of the Pierce County Crisis Pregnancy Clinics. My daughter and I were amazed to see the dirt lift from our carpets right before our eyes! When you finished our carpets looked like new. Michelle!

5 starThis was the most complete successful carpet cleaning job we’ve ever had! No spots have reappeared as they often do with other cleaners. Cassie!

5 starKarl, Wow! Thanks so much. I can’t believe how great the carpets look. I am so amazed. Cheryl!

5 starKarl, As always, thanks a lot! My house looks great! What a difference it makes. Ray Anne!

5 starKarl, What a sweetie you are! It looks like you nearly killed yourself doing everything that you did for us. I’m extremely grateful. Bonnie!

5 starOur carpet is an off-white and we have a 5 years old grandson who is equipped with one gallon of dirt each time he sets foot in our house and our carpet is in absolute prime condition. There are no stains, marks or blemishes anywhere. Karl is the best carpet cleaner we have ever used. Larry and Ursula!

5 starKarl- I went over to the house today- the carpet looks just wonderfull! You are a majician! I never thought the carpet could come back and look and smell so good. You will be highly recommended by me to my friends and associates. Thank you Jean!

5 starKarl-You were very polite and intelligent. I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone of my pickiest friends. My carpets look like they had a face lift and the house even smells like new again. I am very picky and had high expectations. You did not let me down, See you next year. Pam!